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“All Square BD” is committed to protecting your privacy policy and the other personal information you provide on this site. “All Square BD” respects your privacy. “All Square BD” takes all possible measures not to disclose your personal information. We never provide anyone’s personal information or other information to any third party or person. Your privacy will always be protected on my site, we promise.

Our cookie policy

“All Square BD” We use cookies to enhance the different experiences of different visitors and to improve the quality of our website. We also collect cookies with third-party applications like Google Analytics.

What are cookies?

A cookie, also known as a web cookie or browser cookie, is a small piece of information provided by a website and stored in the visitor’s web browser. When a visitor is browsing a website, he is visiting a page of that website and what he is doing on the website, these are saved in the visitor’s web browser. When the visitor visits the same web page again, that website understands what kind of site to manage for your device. This website is updated based on this management, for the convenience of visitors only.

What do we use cookies for?

We currently use cookies to manage “”, the site, and your experience. These cookies are collected to analyze the types of personal and non-private visitor activity. It helps you to have all our content and ads with you.
The types of cookies we use:

Essential cookies

Some cookies are essential for websites that help you visit websites without interruption.

Performance cookies

We use other cookies to analyze how our visitors are using our website and to test the quality or functionality of the website. This helps us to find our problems and solve them quickly. For example, if a lot of visitors visit our site, if the website does not have much loading time, then it helps to solve the problem.

Functionality Cookies

We use these cookies to remember your favorite topics or sites. As a result, every time you use this site, you don’t have to repeatedly mention your name, email, whether you are a robot, etc. So we use these cookies.